Every daycare or preschool should be safe, secure, clean, have age appropriate activities, and a caring child-friendly staff. Beyond these basic expectations, here are the Top Reasons for choosing Pallies as your preferred childcare center:

Longer Operating Hours Create More Flexibility and Convenience

Every family has different child caring needs. From dual working parents, to full-time parents who need to run errands without kids, to families with nannies but are looking for more for their child, to families that want to get their kids prepared for bigger schools, Pallies is here to provide that flexibility and care. Parents are busy people too! Our hours of care are from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, and open all year round except for public holidays and extended holidays during Songkran and Christmas/New Years. Length of day options available for your child include a full day with nap times (optional for the older kids) or a half day (morning or afternoon). Meals include 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner options) and 2 snack times (morning and afternoon). The days are filled with activities and play-based lessons which encourages confidence building and independence. All of this while making friends, or Pallies!

Small Home-Like Setting for a More Nurturing Confidence Building Environment

Since Pallies may be your child’s first daycare/preschool experience outside of the home, we felt it was important for our facility to focus on creating a nurturing environment big enough to run around for play and small enough to feel safe and build one’s confidence. Right sizing the environment for which your kids will be in can deeply impact their confidence and in turn, their learning. Our small home-like setting also supports our goals of creating a positive environment where we can act like a family and everyone can get to know each other and respect the community we have as a group. Everyday, children will be treated with respect and greeted with smiles and hugs from teachers and their assistants. Indoor/Outdoor/Dramatic/Sensory play, group games, stacking blocks, arts & craft and sing-along songs, all give the children a chance to talk, share, giggle, and learn together.

Smaller Classroom Sizes and Small Child/Teacher Ratio

Where, in most daycares or preschools in Bangkok, classroom sizes range from 15-30 children, our largest classroom will be no larger than 10 children so that your child will get the appropriate amount of attention required and no child will be left behind. In our Young toddler classroom for 1 – 2 year olds, the child/teacher ratio will be no larger than 4:1. In our Older Toddler classroom for 2 – 3 year olds, the child/teacher ratio will be no larger than 5:1.

A Variety of Facility Space Including Indoor/Outdoor

Pallies has indoor/outdoor/gym space. Weather permitted, every child is taken outside for activities at least 30-60 minutes each day. When outside and hot, elevated fans and sun shades are used to cool and protect the kids. If too hot, children have access to the fully padded gym for activity or even there cool classrooms during free play.

Nutritious Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and Snacks (Morning, Afternoon)

A child’s day will go smoother and a lot happier when he or she has delicious, nutritious food, fresh air to play in, and plenty of opportunity to express themselves. Our nutritious meals and snacks are designed and prepared daily by our local hospital’s nutritionist. Meals include a protein, vegetables, and some form of carbohydrates to satisfy and introduce a variety of tastes. All snacks and meals are served with the option of milk and/or water.

Frequent Communication

Frequent communication between parents and the school is essential. We guarantee regular reports, both verbal and written. These reports are given every day for toddlers and preschoolers before they head home. Additionally, an end of the week newsletter is sent electronically with a brief summary of what was covered and pictures that were taken during the week highlighting kids activities.

Curriculum and Philosoph

Our play-based approach makes learning fun all day long. As opposed to telling the kids what to think, our goal is to partner with them and give them opportunities to take the initiative in exploration. When children think they’re playing, they’re actually developing and learning skills. Armed with daily lesson plans, our teachers will encourage daily lessons and weekly themes just to start the exploration, but we then allow the children to drive the direction of the activity in fun creative ways.

Engagement and Inclusio

Teachers and their assistants are focused on making sure that each child is included and engaged in the activities. With small classroom sizes and teacher/child ratios, we are able to do this so that no child is forgotten and ample opportunity is given to each child. We recognize that each child is unique and comes with a different approach to engagement so we focus on figuring out what will build their self confidence to a level where they are willing to take additional risk.

Sick Policy: Monitoring and Prevention

Our sick policy is designed for the sick child’s protection, as well as for others in the center. Everyday as children arrive to school, staff will check the child’s temperature with a thermometer. If the child’s temperature is measured at or above 38.3 degree Celsius (101 degrees Fahrenheit), the child’s parent will be notified and a request will be made to have them come to take home their child. All children are also required and will learn to routinely wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, and after play. Besides having a dedicated onsite cleaning staff, teachers will also routinely sanitize toys and furniture between uses. Upon entrance to our facility in the morning, all children will be checked by staff to ensure all health guidelines are met to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Respectful and Welcoming

Pallies is an environment where the teachers and administrators respect your home culture and language. We will always do our best to respect any request made due to religious and cultural differences.